The site is about things related to AWK language. To be more precise, AWK is rather a programming tool than it is a programming language, but AWK is itself programmable via an elegant language and by that means we can talk about the AWK programming language. The fact that AWK is programmable, makes AWK a very flexible tool to be used in almost every UNIX/Linux shell script. So speaking, it's true that AWK is the programmer's Swiss Army knife.

Arnold Robbins, the sole maintainer of gawk (the GNU version of AWK) since 1994, called for the site to be the site for things related to the awk language. That makes some kind of home for AWK. Almost every aspect of AWK is being covered in the book "GAWK: Effective AWK Programming" by Arnold Robbins, but there are numerous other resources about various topics involving AWK programming, and this site may be a good point to start using AWK in order to make your life easier!